This fantastic piece of alchemical literature is full of strange, hard to find information on the subjects of chemistry, science, gold alchemy, transmutation, and mineral synthesis.

Chapters include:

Build A Gold Magnet
Grow Synthetic Diamonds
Grow Precious Opal
Grow Emeralds And Rubies
Nuclear Synthesis Of Gold
Recover Gold From Water
Monoatomic Gold
Convert Carbon Into Iron
Grow Gold Crystals

The following is an excerpt from the book:
Chapter titled: "Nuclear Synthesis Of Gold"

"The uranium atoms absorb neutrons which have a weight of 1 mass unit. This then creates U239 or in other words the uranium atoms have become heavier by 1 mass unit. Carrying this extra neutron however, makes the atom very unstable. Within a few milliseconds, the uranium nucleus must shed an electron to balance the equation. For a very short time neptunium 239 is formed. This rapidly decays into plutonium 239. In the case of mercury (number 80 on the table of elements.) Neutron bombardment would create the following reaction. Mercury (80) + 1 neutron = Gold (79) + 1 alpha particle (which is released on impact). You can also create the same reaction by bombardment with alpha particles. Iridium (77) + 1 alpha particle (helium ion, 2) = Gold (79). Basically your adding two protons to iridium changing the amount from 77 to 79 and thus transforming it into gold."

This is another excerpt from the chapter titled: "Gold Magnet"

"Everyone knows that magnets are supposed to attract only ferrous metals like iron and steel. That's why the unusual electromagnet described here makes such an excellent "crowd-stopper" at science fairs or similar gatherings. Seeming to defy the laws of physics and magnetic principals as we know them, it will pick up half- dollar sized pieces of copper, silver, gold, and other non-ferrous metals."

This is another excerpt from the chapter titled: "Emeralds and Rubies."

"The basic essentials of the flux-fusion process are as follows. A platinum crucible containing 75 grams of lithium molybdate flux, 1.2 grams of beryllium oxide, 3.2 grams of aluminum oxide, 10 grams of silica, and .4 grams of chromium oxide for coloring. The crucible is then placed in a furnace and heated to 775 degrees C. At this temperature the lithium molybdate flux melts and the other components begin to slowly dissolve in the melt. The silica floats at the top while the other oxides remain at the bottom. (Refer to figure 4.) Over time, these oxides combine to form emerald crystals on the walls of the crucible along the middle zone. If desired, a platinum screen can be placed in the middle of the crucible so that the crystals can grow there."

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